Thursday, 5 February 2015

Popular Problems and Puzzles in Mathematics

Popular Problems and Puzzles in Mathematics by  Asok Kumar Mallik  from Cambridge University Press (India).

Innovative thinking backed by logical reasoning is the key to the puzzles in Popular Problems and Puzzles in Mathematics. Collected over several years by the author, more than 150 elegant, intriguing numerical challenges are presented here. The answers are easy to explain, but one would devilishly find it hard without this book.

One’s ability to construct a mathematical proof will be rigorously tested in these problems – even in the case of a mathematics teacher. For true maths lovers, there is even a section on historically prominent problems. Designed for high-school students and teachers with an interest in mathematical problem solving, this stimulating collection provides a new twist to familiar topics that introduce unfamiliar topics.

Key features
1. Suitable for high-school students and maths buffs
2. More than 150 problems covering different areas of elementary mathematics
3. Brainstorming problems graded as easy, moderate and difficult
4. Complete solutions included
5. Appendices showing various applications in the end

In our Mathematics section, Rs. 225, in paperback, 170 pages, ISBN :9789382993865

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