Saturday, 7 February 2015

Becoming Minority

Becoming Minority: How Discourses and Policies Produce Minorities in Europe and India by Sudarsan Padmanabhan And Jyotirmaya Tripathy from Sage India.

This book will make you revisit the ‘minority question' as it has been understood, conventionally. This book subjects to scrutiny some of the well-established social science concepts such as minority, ethnicity, inclusion, exclusion, and self-determination, among others. The purpose of the enquiry is neither to debunk these concepts nor to highlight their relevance/irrelevance, but merely to guard against their unselective usage by scholars.

The work is an endeavor to address some of the questions that animate current scholarship on minority and minoritization. In doing so, the book draws upon European and Indian experiences of cultural diversities as these regions are two of the most culturally diverse regions in the world and engage with diversity from within a democratic framework.

In our Sociology section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 376 pages, ISBN :9789351500353

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