Thursday, 19 February 2015

India's National Security

India's National Security: Annual Review 2013 by Satish Kumar from Routledge India.

The thirteenth volume in the series Indias National Security Annual Review examines Indias security environment in the context of the changing global balance of power. It analyzes the manner in which India has structured its relations with major powers so that they serve as dependable anchors of its national security and discusses the imminent challenges faced by the country.

In addition, it makes an in-depth assessment of Indias relations with China and Pakistan, the attempts of China to establish a strategic foothold in all countries in Indias neighborhood, the extent of Islamist radicalization in South Asia and the role of Pakistan. The volume also includes a strategic profile of newly emerging countries in international affairs along with a chronology of the major events of the preceding year.

The book will be indispensable for policymakers and governmental organizations, those in defence and strategic sectors and students of defence studies, foreign policy, International relations and political science.

In our Strategic Affairs section, Rs. 1095, in hardback, 480 pages, ISBN :9781138796386

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