Friday, 27 February 2015

Mulberry Sericulture in New Areas

Mulberry Sericulture in New Areas: Empowering Tribal Women by Sanjay Kumar Panda from Concept Publishing.

Because of its unique features like luster, tensile strength, capacity to absorb dye, silk is popularly known as the “Queen of Textiles”. Sericulture industry has special significance in poverty alleviation as it is labour intensive, less strenuous, requires less capital, low gestation and has good market. Promotion of sericulture covering both on-farm and off-farm activities generates sizable employment opportunity in the rural areas and is of particular relevance to the women, small and marginal farmers.

Mulberry sericulture, which contributes bulk of the silk produced in the country, is centered on five traditional states. Tripura, one of the non-traditional and new states in Mulberry sericulture, has seen significant success in promotion of mulberry sericulture on a sustainable basis. This has been possible as a result of mobilization of people, involvement of the local community/PRI bodies, provision of technical assistance and infrastructure along with required forward and backward linkages on a holistic basis.

The book has aptly dealt with various aspects of promotion of mulberry sericulture, which has led to the production of quality bivoltine silk yarn on the one hand and empowering the tribal women on the other. It seeks to provide firsthand information on various technical as well administrative aspects, which need specific attention for introduction of mulberry sericulture in a new area. It can serve as a practical guide for the people's representatives, policy formulators, administrators and field staff and officers in using mulberry sericulture for poverty alleviation and empowerment of women.

In our Agricultural Sciences section, Rs. 600, in hardback, xxii+176 pages, ISBN :9789351250296

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