Saturday, 31 January 2015


Asean-India: Deepening Economic Partnership in Mekong Region by Prabir De from Bookwell Publications.

Research and Information System for Developing Countries. The Mekong countries comprising Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam grew rapidly during the last decade. With the exception of the years of global financial crisis, magnitude of growth rates and duration are remarkable in Mekong history.

In our Development Studies section, Rs. 750, in hardback, xxxv+314 pages, ISBN :9788171221028

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Hinduism in India by R. K. Panda from Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.

Author has written this book because of his love for world-wide humanity, and his intense interest in the study of the religious beliefs of the human race.We look at everything relatively or by way of comparison. It is the instinctive method of every thoughtful observer, and it is inseparable from our study of human thought, philosophy and religion as outwardly expressed in the habits, customs,social and political life of a people through many centuries.

He has introduced much of the human element which is of universal interest and value, and in order to vitalize and give vivid realism to the religious thought of India, and its effect upon the practices and customs and life of the people as effected by the dominant religion of Hinduism.In other words, He has endeavoured to write so that the reader might be able to see the things about which have written.

In our Religion section, Rs. 295, in hardback, 398 pages, ISBN :9788180903540

Sher Shah by K. R. Quanungo from Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.

This book is about Sher Shah., the great ruler and administrator of his time. The book talks about Sher Shah right from the beginning of his life. How was his childhood, how he got education, his relations with the kings. Apart from his early days, this book also throws sufficient light upon Sher Shah getting to the post of Dy.

Governor of Bihar, his battle of Surajgarh, campaigning of Gujarat against Humayun, victory of Chaunsa, conquest of Makva, conquest of Maldev, campaigns in Rajputana and Bundelkhand and above all Sher Shah’s institution.

In our History section, Rs. 295, in paperback, 300 pages, ISBN :9788180903847

Great Epics and Puranas in Sanskrit Literature by  Dr N. C. Panda from Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.

The Sanskrit Epics fall into two main classes, the one comprising old stories and legends known as Itihasa and Puranic and the other comprising poems known as Kavyam or ornate epics. The Mahabharata has exercised a great influence on the later Puran as and the Ramayana has served as a model for later court epics of the post-Puranic age.

In our Literature section, Rs. 695, in hardback, 344 pages, ISBN :9788180903472

Indian Myths and Legend by Dornal A. Mackize from Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.

Indian Myths and Legends This volume deals with the myths and legends of India, which survives to us in the rich and abundant storehouse of Sanskrit literature, and with the rise and growth of Brahmanism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. The reader is introduced to the various sacred works of the Hindus, including the ancient invocatory hymns of the four Vedas, and great epic poems the Ramayana, which is three times longer than the Iliad, and the Mahabharata, which is four times longer than the Ramayana.

At the present day over two hundred millions Hindus are familiar in varying degrees with the legendary themes and traditional beliefs which the ancient forest sages and poets of India invested with much beautiful symbolism, and used as medium for speculative thought and profound spiritual teaching. The sacred books of India are to the Hindus what the Bible is to Christians.

To students of History, of ethnology, and of comparative religion they present features or peculiar interest, for they contain an elaborate sociology of the ancient Aryo-Indians, their political organizations, their code of law, their high ethical code, all their conception of God, the soul and the universe. Some knowledge of them is necessary for those who desire to approach with sympathy the investigation of the religious beliefs of our Hindu fellow men and to understand their outlook upon life and the world.

In our History section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 490 pages, ISBN :9788180902970

Ramayana of Valmiki by N. C. Panda from Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.

The Ramayana is a great epic of the mankind. It is also known as adi-kavya (first epic), written by the adi-kavi (first poet) Valmiki. This famous Indian epic deals with social, moral, political, spiritual and philosophical aspects of human life, besides principally narrating the story of Rama. 

The Ramayana is highly popular epic which has become the property of the Indian people and it is not an exaggeration if it is said that it has influenced more than any other poem the thought and poetry of a nation for thousands of years.

In our Literature section, Rs. 250, in paperback, 290 pages, ISBN :9788180903519

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Door of Dispair

Door of Dispair: Modernism in Odia Poetry by Bhagaban Jayasingh from Authorspress.

Modern Odia poetry was on the threshold of a major breakthrough in the late 50s. The emergence of new poetic movements in Odisha was the outcome of a wide variety of influences that the modern Odia poets were exposed to through their reading of the new poetry of the West, especially of Europe and America. The Euro-American experiment helped the Odia poets break away from their romantic predecessors, and develop a style or technique appropriate to the spirit of the new age.

The new poetry, variously described as “western,” “modern,” or often as synonymous terms, became not only anti-romantic but difficult, complex, sophisticated and technique-oriented. It was characterized by an overwhelming sense of loss, despair, anguish and chaos though not in the same measure as in the West. The revolution in Odia poetry may be regarded as an offshoot of the Euro-American experiment, and the messiah among the new poets, who came to exercise his influence on the movement, was T.S. Eliot.

The purpose of this book is to study the range and magnitude of Odia poets’ encounter with the West, particularly Eliot, including the many crossovers and engagements that this encounter had generated in the Odishan context with special reference to the works of some major Odia poets of the new movement — Sachi Raut-Roy, Guruprasad Mohanty, Ramakanta Rath and Sitakant Mahapatra — who played a significant role in “modernizing” Odia poetry that assumed different modes of expression in exploring new poetic possibilities.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Are you ready for the corner office?

Are you ready for the corner office?: Insights from 25 executive coaching experiences by Pradipta K. Mohapatra And Ganesh Chella from  Sage India.

This book is a collection of 25 inspiring stories about the unique and personal developmental journey of 25 senior leaders towards the corner office. Seen through the eyes of their Executive Coaches, each of these stories tell us how they found answers to critical questions such as ‘Am I ready for it?’, ‘How do I prepare to get there?’

‘How do I learn to succeed once I get there and how can I enjoy the journey while I am at it?’ The term ‘corner office’ is really a metaphor for anything significant that these leaders wanted to achieve in their professional careers and personal lives.

This unique collection of coaching stories is meant to inspire, help and educate many other leaders who are on a similar quest.

In our Management Studies section, Rs. 525, in paperback, 308 pages, ISBN :9788132113720

Visionary Leadership in Health: Delivering Superior Value by Anant Kumar , Jay Satia And Moi Lee Liow from Sage India.

This book presents a visionary leadership framework and its application toward delivering superior value in health. It provides a road map on how to create shared vision, assess vision–reality gap, identify paths to pursue, inspire, and empower stakeholders, and utilize results-based management to deliver superior value.

By linking leadership and management in health rather than juxtaposing them, the book argues that the task of every health professional requires a mix of leadership and management, although their relative emphasis may vary as per the context and content of the health program. The book will equip health professionals to not only improve personal performance but also enhance the value that their health programs will generate for their beneficiaries.

In our Public Health section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 380 pages, ISBN :9788132113201

Friday, 23 January 2015

From Plassey to Partition and After

From Plassey to Partition and After, (1/e): A History of Modern India by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay  from Orient Blackswan.

This book is now regarded as a major intervention in the historiography of modern India, and an authoritative account of the largest anti-imperialist movement in the world. It traces India’s colonial encounter, her nationalist longings, and her emergence as a sovereign, democratic republic, along with radical social transformations over two centuries. And this enlarged edition offers a perceptive analysis of India’s efforts towards modernisation and democratisation since Independence. The book addresses important historiographical questions by taking cognisance of emergent perspectives adopted by social science scholarship over the last twenty-five years.

The book engages in debates on issues like political economy in eighteenth-century India, socio-religious reform and the nationalist movement. It offers a detailed study and analysis of the freedom struggle through its Moderate, Extremist and Gandhian phases, and events like the Swadeshi, Khilafat–Non-Cooperation, Civil Disobedience and Quit India Movements.

There is a focus on other strands of the nationalist movement—from the revolutionary to socialist and other leftist groups, and the role of women—and its various ideological contestations. The newly added concluding chapter links contemporary debates about Indian nationhood with changes in society, economy and polity, from the years of state-directed planning under a one-party system to the emergence of a market economy in an era of predominantly coalition governments.

In our History section, Rs. 395, in paperback, 608 pages, ISBN :9788125057239

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Transgressions by Vaiju Naravane from Harper Collins, India.

Why would a woman who has everything take her own life? Kranti, an Indian woman fashion designer in Paris, commits suicide. She leaves two notebooks and some paintings behind. Her lover, Robert-Pierre, a psychiatrist who is married and has managed to keep his two lives separate, tries to make sense of Kranti’s death, just as his own life begins to unravel...

What terrible secrets lie hidden in the pages of her notebooks? Did they drive her to take her own life? Fast-paced and vividly written, this novel, which moves seamlessly between India and Paris, keeps the reader on tenterhooks right up to the last shattering page.

In our Fiction section, Rs. 399, in paperback, 384 pages, ISBN :9789350296516

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Dramatic Decade

The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years by Pranab Mukherjee from Rupa & Co.

The Dramatic Decade focuses on one of the most fascinating periods in the life of this nation—the decade of the 1970s. This was when India found herself engaging with the true meaning of democracy. The nation displayed her commitment to liberty by extending full support to East Pakistan’s struggle for independence. Later, between 1975 and 1977, during the Emergency, she found herself grappling with the limits of personal expression. Finally, in 1977, India saw the emergence of the politics of coalition, with the Janata Party—an amalgam of Indian parties opposed to the Emergency, comprising the Congress (O), the Bharatiya Lok Dal, the Jana Sangh and the Socialists—coming to power. This was a turning point in the history of the Indian legislature.

This was the decade when Pranab Mukherjee committed himself to the role of a political activist. As one of the keenest observers of and participants in this dramatic decade, Pranab Mukherjee’s insights are invaluable. Indeed, he nudges our impressions of the 1970s. For instance, recounting the urgent appeal for Indira Gandhi’s mid-term resignation, he asks: Which democracy in the world would permit a change of a popularly and freely elected government through means other than a popular election? Can parties beaten at the hustings replace a popularly elected government by sheer agitation?

Was it not prudent for those who were determined to change the government to wait till the elections which were but round the corner? Does the rule of law mean that the remedies available to the common man are to be denied to someone holding an elected office? […] How could anybody replace her when the overwhelming majority of Congress MPs—with a two-thirds majority in the Lok Sabha—resolved that Indira Gandhi should continue as the party’s leader in Parliament and thereby as the Prime Minister of India? Drawing from personal diary extracts, conversations with key players of the 1970s, and vital secondary literature, Pranab Mukherjee presents an exceptional portrait of a complex nation.

In our Politics section, Rs. 595, in hardback, 348 pages, ISBN :9788129135742

Saturday, 17 January 2015

This Divided Island

This Divided Island: Stories from the Sri Lankan War by Samanth Subramanian from Penguin Books India.

In the summer of 2009, the leader of the dreaded Tamil Tiger guerrillas was killed, bringing to a bloody end the stubborn and complicated civil war in Sri Lanka. For nearly thirty years, the war's fingers had reached everywhere: into the bustle of Colombo, the Buddhist monasteries scattered across the island, the soft hills of central Sri Lanka, the curves of the eastern coast near Batticaloa and Trincomalee and the stark, hot north. With its genius for brutality, the war left few places and fewer people, untouched.

What happens to the texture of life in a country that endures such bitter conflict? What happens to the country's soul? Samanth Subramanian gives us an extraordinary account of the Sri Lankan war and the lives it changed. Taking us to the ghosts of summers past and to other battles from other times, he draws out the story of Sri Lanka today-an exhausted, disturbed society, still hot from the embers of the war.

Through travels and conversations, he examines how people reconcile themselves to violence, how religion and state conspire, how the powerful become cruel and how victory can be put to the task of reshaping memory and burying histories. This Divided Island is a harrowing and humane investigation of a country still inflamed.

In our Politics section, Rs. 499, in hardback, 336 pages, ISBN :9780670086030
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fragile Frontiers

Fragile Frontiers: The Secret History of Mumbai Terror Attacks by Saroj Kumar Rath  from Routledge India.

Critical questions remain unanswered on the events of the cold-blooded and devastating terror attacks in Mumbai on 26 November 2008. Investigative and introspective, this book offers a lucid and graphic account of the ill-fated day and traces the changing dynamics of terror in South Asia.

Using new insights, it explores South Asia's regional dynamics of antagonism, the ever-present challenge to the frontiers of India, Pakistan and the terrorism question, the strife in Afghanistan and the self-serving selective US 'war on terror'. This will be an engaging read for those interested in defence, security and strategic studies, politics, international relations, peace and conflict studies and South Asian studies as well as the general reader. 

In our Strategic Affairs section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 384 pages, ISBN :9781138790773

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beloved Bapu

Beloved Bapu: The Gandhi - Mirabehn Correspondence by Tridip Suhrud And Thomas Weber from Orient Blackswan.

The current volume offers readers unprecedented insight into the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and Mirabehn, his foremost Western woman disciple, who came to India to dedicate her life to Gandhi and and remained his faithful companion for twenty - three years.
Gandhi and Mira corresponded extensively when they were not together. The current volume brings together this correspondence in its entirety for the first time, interweaving Gandhis letters to Mira with her own responses to him and putting them in conversation with each other.

The letters are arranged chronologically, which allows readers to understand the trajectory of Gandhi and Miras relationship. They reveal the depth and complexity of this connection, which was as close and loving as it was troubled. The letters also provide glimpses of Gandhi and Miras work in the khadi industry and in village India, their views on ashram life and people, their struggles with health and diet, and their opinions on living a good life and serving truth.

The original letters reproduced here are accompanied by the editors commentary, which contextualizes the correspondence and offers readers important historical and biographical background information. This book will interest not only historians, students and scholars of Gandhi but also the lay reader.

In our Gandhi Studies section, Rs. 950, in hardback, 552 pages, ISBN :9788125056157

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal from Penguin Books India.

'You'll read this. Then you'll hope your competition isn't reading this. It's that good.' Stephen P. Anderson, Author of Seductive Interaction Design Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. These are more than just products, they are habits - apps we turn to without thinking. How? Why? And what can we learn from them? Hooked unlocks consumer psychologies and reveals the 'Hook Model' - a four-step process of how to make products that people just can't put down. Based on years of research, consulting and practical experience, serial entrepreneur Nir Eyal provides actionable steps for building products people love; unpacks the behavioural techniques used by the most successful habit-forming products; and gives practical insights to create user habits that stick.

Written for product managers, designers, marketers, startup founders and people eager to learn more about the things that control our behavior, Hooked is a blueprint for making products that will bring users back repeatedly - without costly advertising or aggressive messaging. 'Nir's work is an essential crib sheet for any startup looking to understand user psychology.'

Dave McClure, Founder 500 Startups

NIR EYAL spent years in the video gaming and advertising industries where he learned, applied and sometimes rejected the key techniques to motivate and influence users. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and Fortune 500 companies, and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design School and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. He has sold two technology companies since 2003 and has written for the Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today.

In our Management Studies section, Rs. 599, in hardback, 256 pages, ISBN :9780241184837

Friday, 9 January 2015

And then One Day

And then One Day: A Memoir by Naseeruddin Shah from Penguin Books India.

Naseeruddin Shah’s memoir depicts his extraordinary journey from a feudal village near Meerut, to Catholic schools in Nainital and Ajmer, and finally to stage and film fame in Mumbai. Along the way, he narrates his passages through Aligarh University, the National School of Drama and the Film and Television Institute of India, where his life actually started to change.

And Then One Day is a compelling tale, written with uncommon honesty and elegance, infused with tongue-in-cheek humour. There are also emotional portraits of family members, darkly amusing accounts of his school days and the vibrant roles of directors and actors he has worked with, including Shyam Benegal, Girish Karnad, Ebrahim Alkazi, Om Puri and Shabana Azmi.

The book grippingly describes his struggle to earn a living through acting, his experiments with the craft, his love affairs, his early marriage, his triumphs and let-downs with incredible honesty and impartial self-assessment. It is packed with delightful tales as well as moving and often tender revelations, making it a riveting read throughout.

In our Biography section, Rs. 699, in hardback, 328 pages, ISBN : 9780670087648
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Fairy Tales at Fifty

Fairy Tales at Fifty by Upamanyu Chatterjee from Harper Collins, India.

A brilliant, macabre, hilarious story from a writer at the very height of his powers. On the cusp of fifty, Nirip learns, quite by accident, that he is not the biological child of his parents. He is more intrigued than shocked by the discovery, for his family history has persistently revealed to him that ordinary lives in this bloody rotten world have all the qualities of myth, of adventure, folk and fairy tale; they appear ordinary only because one wills oneself to view them as so.

The world saw Nirips father Pashupati for example as a captain of industry and the creator of a business empire, but to his family hed always been the insatiably lustful ogre of fairy tale, ever on the lookout for females and babies to glut his appetite with.

Nirip arranges to have himself kidnapped and then plays night cricket with his dacoit captors because no family member appears keen to pay the ransom and have him back. Witty, macabre, heroic, cruel, unforgivingly insightful, Fairy Tales at Fiftyis a triumph of fiction and only in part because it asserts that in fiction alone are human lives seen as precious.

In our Fiction section, Rs. 599, in hardback, 400 pages, ISBN : 9789351363125

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Conjugality Unbound

Conjugality Unbound: Sexual Economies, State Regulation and the Marital Form in India by Srimati Basu And Lucinda Ramberg from Women Unlimited.

This book questions marriage as a self-evident, timeless, and unitary institution, and considers the complex negotiations of everyday intimate, economic, sexual, domestic, and procreative arrangements that occur under the sign of marriage. What counts as marriage? What’s love got to do with it? How are the married and the unmarried marked off from each other in relation to the law and to the gods? Might productive, inventive, subversive relationships and modes of being human take shape outside marriage and/or against its regulatory norms?

There are seemingly infinite formulae for addressing such questions. In conversation with materialist feminist theory, queer theory, and postcolonial theory, this book considers the nature of sexual economies and the ways in which the discourses of “marriage” and “conjugality” operate within them.

The essays launch an interdisciplinary conversation across the historical and ethnographic record in India, analysing marriage as reflected in the deployment of legal, psychiatric, and reproductive governance, in contested boundaries of religion and kinship, in marriage to gods and queer subjects and across castes. These conversations help us think about marriage, its regulation, and its reinventions as windows onto social life and human thriving, as well as social death and individual abjection.

In our Sociology section, Rs. 600, in paperback, vii+283 pages, ISBN : 9788188965885

Monday, 5 January 2015

Anatomy of Life

Anatomy of Life by Devdan Chaudhuri from Macmillan India.

A narrative that's shaped like a fable, but in which we recognize the various features of life in India today.' - Amit Chaudhuri An unusual and readable chronicle of an abstract Poets journey, veering from the salacious to the sacred. Romesh Gunesekera. The human self has come before religion, nations and boundaries -what is the self? This is the question.The poet, just sixteen, moves to a new city with his recently-divorced mother. It is a new beginning; there is the promise of a new life away from endless domestic squabbles. But ghosts of the past still linger

The poet joins college, meets his first love, his sweetheart, makes new friends-through his relationships, separations and experiences we enter his world. Thoughtful, sensitive, observant, he is not one who shies away from life. He journeys into different spaces, both in the physical world and within the realm of thoughts. His relentless efforts are to know and to understand ideas-his own and those of the thinkers of the past.

There are moments of confusion, contemplation, ennui, ecstasy, happiness and hidden amidst them lie little nuggets of truth and those rare moments of epiphany. But epiphany knows no time and place, it can come knocking anywhere, at any moment-be it on the balcony of a hotel in Benares or in the squalid room of a prostitute.Anatomy of Life is an engaging contemporary story of urban experience and a fascinating journey of discovery.

In our Literature section, Rs. 350, in paperback, 278 pages, ISBN : 9789382616306

Saturday, 3 January 2015

At Home in India

At Home in India: The Muslim Saga by Salman Khurshid from Hay House India.

As a former Union minister who has held several crucial portfolios, Salman Khurshid, on the basis of his vast and varied experience, recounts how Muslims in India accept this country as their own despite many provocations and allegations doubting their patriotism. In the process, he reinforces his contentions by providing numerous real-life examples of how the community has proved its commitment and capability by making immense contributions in almost all fields. This timely volume, which covers a wide span from the late nineteenth century to the present, brings out succinctly the pivotal roles played by a galaxy of distinguished Indian Muslims.

The author describes how the Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh and the Jamia Millia Islamia (Delhi) came into being and how many of their alumni became part of the freedom movement and made sincere efforts at fostering and maintaining communal harmony. Post-Independence, Salman Khurshid emphasizes the importance of outstanding Muslim leaders who served as role models for the younger generation.

The author does not shy away from hypersensitive issues such as terrorism, communal riots, a Uniform Civil Code, present-day Muslim leadership (or lack of) and the place of women in Islam, with a focus on the Shah Bano case. He underscores the significance of the ‘trust deficit’ on the part of Muslims vis-à-vis the police (based on a recent report of the directors-general of police from different states) and spotlights the July 2014 verdict of the Supreme Court with regard to the Shariat and fatwas. He rounds off the book with an analysis of what the future could hold after the recent victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Salman Khurshid tackles each and every topic with candour, sensitivity and forthrightness.

In our Sociology section, Rs. 699, in hardback, 392 pages, ISBN : 9789381398982

Thursday, 1 January 2015

At The Helm

At The Helm: A Memoir by V. Krishnamurthy from Harper Collins, India.

Krishnamurthy's leadership has shown that be can achieve stupendous taske. If for any reason at all be fails, virtually the entire public sector will have to be written off for the nect twenty years,' noted the panel that cbose V. Krishnamurthy as the Business India Businessman of the Year in 1987. Management of a business enterprise in India is a lot more diffcult than in other countries. there are far more uncertainties that an Indian manager has to encounter that an while performing his tasks-even more so in state-owned companies, often synonymous with inefficiency, than in private ones.

But Krishnamurthy, through his exemplary stewardship of there enterprises, that holds lessons for managers everywhere, emerged as the pride of India's public sector in the 1970s and 1980s. At Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, he saved the company from imminent disintegration and dispelled Indira Gandhi's impression that Indian managers did not have the ability to manage large organizations. At Maruti, he was given the responsibility of not just manufacturing a car but of modernizing the automoblie industry itself.

Steel Authority of India Limited was almost a sunset company when he took over, but he shook up the organization from its very foundations and put it back in a leadership position. At The Helm is the story of how a boy from the small village of Karuveli in Tamil Nadu starts our as a teachnician at airfields during the Second World War but goes on to script the biggest success stories of young India's fledgling public sector over the next five decades.

In our Biography section, Rs. 599, in hardback, xxi+305 pages, ISBN : 9789350298596