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Rabindranath Tagore: Life and Works by Mallikarjun Patil from Authorspress.

Anyone can find a great pleasure in reading a great Indian writer like Rabindranath Tagore. I had an opportunity to study him recently. The present book ?Rabindranath Tagore: Life and Works? has seven chapters. The first chapter is a simple story about how Tagore lived. The next six chapters speak of what Tagore did. Chapter-Two is about Tagore?s Gitanjali, a remarkable literary event in world poetry. Chapter-Three is about Tagore?s other books of poetry.

As a prominent Bengali, and in a way, a pioneer English poet, Tagore wrote poetry as if it was his first love. Chapter-Four ?Rabindranath Tagore?s Plays? is noteworthy. The chapter covers his major plays in English. What more Tagore was a fine experimentalist, realist and theatre personality. Chapter-Five ?Rabindranath Tagore?s Fiction? covers a critical interpretation of many of his novels that are available in English. Chapter-Six is about Tagore?s non-fictional prose works like Nationalism, his Hibbert Lectures and The Religion of Man.

The last chapter is about his ?Other Aspects?: Theatre, Dance, Music and Painting. There is a list of books for further reading. I believe that this book is a comphrehensive and critical account of Tagore?s entire corpus of writing and it will help both the teachers and students of Indian English literature for a better understanding of Tagore.

In our Poetry section, Rs. 750, in hardback, 198 pages, ISBN: 9788172738600

Black American Predicament in Toni Morrison's Fiction by Syed Mujahid from Authorspress.

The first of the African-American woman novelist to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993, Toni Morrison is one of the foremost contemporary African-American women novelists. Morrison describes herself as a ?black woman novelist?, and all her novels deal with African-American characters and communities. From her first novel, The Bluest Eye to her most recent one, she has explored the African-American experience, and by extension, the human experience. In her novels one can find the African - American woman?s quest for identity, her adjustments or lack of it with the social environment, her dilemma, desires, disappointments, hopes, aspirations and frustrations in a male-dominated society under constant friction with an imposing, alien, white social culture.

In her explorations of such complex social, political and philosophical concerns, Morrison acknowledges that reality is ambiguous and that truth is frequently impossible to apprehend. She belongs to the tradition and group of African-American women writers - Maya Angelou, Toni Cade Bambara, Alice Walker, Gloria Naylor, and Zora Neale Hurtson - for whom writing is a liberating tool, a subversive strategy and an artistic mode for self-expression. Her fictional writings have a variety of thematic dimensions, and her treatment of contemporary problems has a depth and magnitude not frequently found in other writer?s works.

Her novels raise the themes and issues of racism, sexism, classism, culture, religion, slavery, freedom, equality, quest for identity, alienation, fragmentation, aspirations and frustrations. Like William Golding?s, her novels have a fabulist quality as she has been directly influenced by African-American folk tales. Like George Eliot, she has a rare gift for characterization. The present book highlights the black American Predicament in all her novels. It makes a valuable contribution to the oeuvre of American literature, feminist studies and sociology.

In our Poetry And Fiction section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 198 pages, ISBN: 9788172738228

Introspective Voyager: A Collection of Critical Essays on the Poetry of K.V. Raghupathi by Dr. P.V. Laxmiprasad from Authorspress.

Dr. K. V. Raghupathi (born 1957) is an Indian author best known for his poetry in English language. His poetry is rooted in the abundance of philosophy, nature, transcendentalism, imagery and social perspectives, and replete with similes, metaphors, personifications, apostrophe, irony, climax, anti climax and full of rhetoric and symbols. More often he takes the readers on the spiritual exploration of radical philosophical thoughts which strongly speak through all the collections. He has authored ten poetry collections, two novels, four critical works and two books on Yoga.

He is a recipient of several awards that include Michael Madhusudhan Dutt Award, Kolkata in 2001, H.D.Thoreau Fellowship, Dhvanyaloka, Mysore in 2000 and the best chosen poet for 2003, Poetry Society of India, New Delhi and Rock Pebbles National Award for creativity, 2014, Bhubaneswar. Books Authored by K.V. Raghupathi, Poetry: (i) Desert Blooms (Writers Workshop, Kolkata, 1987) (ii) Echoes Silent (Writers Workshop, Kolkata, 1988) (iii) The Images of a Growing Dying City (Writers Workshop, Kolkata, 1989); (iv) Small Reflections (Writers Workshop, Kolkata, 2000) (v) Voice of the Valley (Minerva Press India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2003); (vi) Wisdom of the Peepal Tree (Minerva Press Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2003) (vii) Samarpana (Reliance Publishing House, New Delhi, 2006); (viii) Orphan and Other Poems (Sanbun Publishers, New Delhi, 2010); (ix) Dispersed Symphonies (APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, 2011); (x) Between Me and the Babe (Authors Press, New Delhi, 2013).

Fiction: (i) The Invalid (Cyberwet.Net, Allahabad, 2012); (ii) The Disappointed (Cyberwet.Net, Allahabad, 2014). Critical works: (i) Emerson?s Orientalism (Prestige Books, New Delhi, 2007); (ii) Brave New Wave: 21 Indian English Poets (Book Enclave, Jaipur, 2009); (iii) Critical Exposition of Gopal Honnalgere Poems, (Authorspress, New Delhi, 2011); (iv) Critical Perspectives on Women Poets in Indian English Poetry (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, 2014). Others: (i) Yoga for Peace (Abhinav Publishers, New Delhi, 2006); (ii)Yoga and Zen: A Monograph (Sharada Publishing House, New Delhi, 2007).

In our Poetry And Fiction section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 198 pages, ISBN: 9788172738501

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