Saturday, 21 June 2014

Aspects of Modernity

Aspects of Modernity: American Womens's Poetry by Sukanya Dasgupta from Jadavpur University Press.

This volume features a collection of contemporary essays about women poets writing in northern America over a period of two centuries. Foregrounding changing socio-cultural and political mores, understandings and issues, the essays illuminate a spectrum of aspects of modern life, and its ideological precedents in northern America. The essays feature women poets with a wide variety of concerns. The public and political concerns of Phillis Wheatley and Emma Lazarus are explored, as are the private and political concerns of Marianne Moore, H.D. and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Muriel Rukeyser and Adrienne Rich’s demarcation of a changing world finds a place beside Sylvia Plath’s insistence on the power of her own voice. The Nuyorican poet Julia de Burgos tells of her own route, while Tracy Chapman and the Affrilachian poets speak their anger of a world that makes such a route impossible for the poor and marginalised. A distinctly contemporary concern with ecology concludes the seventeen essays of this volume.

In our Poetry section, Rs. 550, in paperback, 230 pages, ISBN: 9788192752594

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