Thursday, 26 June 2014

Latest Books

Literature and Merginality: Comparative Perspectives in African American Australian and Indian Dalit Literature by Dr. Parmod Kumar Mehra from Kalpaz Publications.

Literature and Merginality: Comparative Perspectives in African American Australian and Indian Dalit Literature.

In our Literature And Dalit Studies section, Rs. 865, in hardback, 288 pages, ISBN: 9789351280231

Climate Change And Threats To Human Security by Narottam Gaan from Kalpaz Publications.

The Westphalian paradigm of state as a hard shelled political and territorial boundary to impregnate all those who have been walled in as citizens with an impenetrable security shield is no longer impervious and insensitive to the volley of threats hurled at them by the emerging non-traditional and non-state sources. One of such sources of threats remaining menacing to the people is the climate change with its apocalyptic consequences not centuries ago foreseen or predictably crafted within the contours of state security and its associated military establishment.

The utter inadequacy and increasing irrelevance of weapons however lethal and sophisticated may be, in the face of climate change has challenged the narrow, reductionist, linear and one directional state centric security but also has laid the building block for redefining security that moves beyond the state down to the level of every single individual that can be comprehensively christened as human security. Yet one could argue with equal plausibility that the wrong end of a smokestack can be as much of a security threat to humans as the barrel of a gun.

This book compiled of a sheaf of articles written from various perspectives mostly focuses on the threats the climate change poses to human security. NarottamGaan, both Ph.D and D.Litt, Professor and former Head of Post- Graduate Department of Political Science, Utkal University, Vanivihar, Bhubaneswar has been teaching Political Science and International Studies with unflinching commitment and dedication. Not being lured by the lucre of Allied Services (ICS) in 1983-84, he preferred to stay in the academic life. Publication of innumerable articles and research papers in various journals in India and abroad, and thirteen books come as a testament to his prominent scholarship and deep acquaintance with a plethora of wide ranging subjects and contemporary issues concerning policy makers, statesmen, scholars, social scientists and humanity at large.

Privileged to visit Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia on an Austrian government scholarship, he attended many conferences and programmes abroad and received advanced degree in international studies from European University Center for Peace Studies, Stadtschlaining, Austria. Critically delving deep into the Western concepts as 'given' to analyse, understand and interpret issues with incisive contestation of their contemporary relevance from an Indian perspective has been one of his illuminating intellectual cornerstones. His present focus on climate change, environmental security, development, peace, human security and economic rethinking and various national and international issues of current importance challenging the conventionally ingrained notions of state, sovereignty and national and international security, entitles him to be one of the few celebrated scholars receiving wide acknowledgement and accolades from abroad.

In our Ecology and Environment section, Rs. 999, in hardback, 335 pages, ISBN: 9789351280156

Regional Cooperation in south Asia: A Study of Political and economic Dimensionn of SAARC by Nidhi Sharma from Kalpaz Publications.

In the present global and economic regimebased on the WTO (GATT) and IMF system,which has sustained the world economy sinceWorld War II, regionalism, through whichneighbouring countries seek to strengthentheir economic and political relations byentering into some form of “regionalintegration” has become a major trend. Theglobal trend towards a fee trade and theformation of intra-regional blocs spurredSouth Asia into action and in 1985, the SouthAsian Association for regional cooperationwas formed.

The compulsions and prospects forregional integration in South Asia aretremendous. There are obvious economicobstacles and political differences and thereare also various ways to overcome them.This book has been divided into fivechapters describing the conceptual analysis ofthe of regional integration, theories, the roleof WTO, the historical development andorigin of SAARC, SAARC institutionalcentre, SAARC charter and various functionsof SAARC regional centers, had alsoanalysed the present economic and politicalcondition of SAARC nations and variouseconomic and political impedimentsprevailing in the region, ways to overcomeand the future prospects of SAARC.

In our Economics section, Rs. 950, in hardback, 316 pages, ISBN: 9789351280347

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