Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Night it Rained Guns

The Night it Rained Guns: Unravelling The Purulia Arms Group Conspiracy by Chandan Nandy from Rupa & Co.

On the night of 1718 December 1995, an aging Russian Antonov26 plane dropped three weaponsladen wooden pallets over Purulia, a backward, nondescript district in West Bengal. Four days later, the same plane was forcelanded at Mumbai's Santa Cruz airport, from where the mastermind of the operation, Kim Davy aka Niels Christian Nielsen, managed a daring escape. Who were the endusers of the weapons? Why were they airdropped over that particular region? Were they, as claimed later, meant for the shady cult, the Ananda Marga? Was it an effort to topple the CPI (M)ruled state government of West Bengal?

Or was it a conspiracy of international proportions, spanning continents and masterminded by a global superpower? As a reporter for The Telegraph and later, the Hindustan Times, Chandan Nandy broke several stories on this bizarre covert operation. Nineteen years after the sensational arms drop, in this book, he exposes the grave lapses committed by India's security agencies and pieces together the story of how the operation was planned and executed.

He brings to light as yet undisclosed evidence about the end users, whose identity still remains a mystery. Based on scores of interviews with R&AW, IB and CBI insiders and relying on classified documents, The Night it Rained Guns is a riveting exploration of India's greatest security breaches.

In our Fiction section, Rs. 295, in paperback, 298 pages, ISBN : 9788129134738

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