Thursday, 19 March 2015

Politics and Cosmopolitanism in a Global Age

Politics and Cosmopolitanism in a Global Age by Sonika Gupta And Sudarsan Padmanabhan from Routledge India.

This book offers a unique reconceptualization of cosmopolitanism. It examines several themes that inform politics in a globalized era, including global governance, international law, citizenship, constitutionalism, community, domesticity, territory, sovereignty, and nationalism. The volume explores the specific philosophical and institutional challenges in constructing a cosmopolitan political community beyond the nation state.

It reorients and decolonizes the boundaries of ‘cosmopolitanism’ and questions the contemporary discourse to posit inclusive alternatives. Presenting rich and diverse perspectives from across the world, the volume will interest scholars and students of politics and international relations, political theory, public policy, ethics, and philosophy.

In our Politics section, Rs. 795, in hardback, 288 pages, ISBN :9781138822405

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