Friday, 14 November 2014

Light Matter

Light Matter: Atelier by Pierre Legrand And Anuradha Majumdar from Roli Books.

When he started out on his artistic journey, the question plaguing Pierre Legrand was: what was there to see? Was there something still to reveal in a world flooded with too much of everything? Underneath the chaos, was there another map of man to be discovered?

Cellular structures that wrote the whole universe, also wrote a human being to existence was that the frontier from where all would change? Could that become Art?

In his journey, Legrand has questioned limits and redefined matter. This book is a visual record of his path-breaking work the exploration of a distinct inner territory at a time crowded by many outer conflicts.

In our Culture section, Rs. 1495, in hardback, 204 pages, ISBN :9788174369734

Tehzeeb: Culinary Traditions of Awadh by Adil I. Ahmad from Roli Books.

In a Lucknow famous for its art, craft and way of living, food was the single element that united the prince and peasant alike. This book provides a peek into the resplendent Lucknow of yore. Into the kitchens where food and art became synonymous, where simple rice dishes were fashioned to look like glowing pearls, and where some of the worlds most famous dum and tandoor recipes were invented.

A world defined by grace, beauty and a heightened culinary aesthetic- where every meal required a perfectly appointed table and where each ingredient was circumscribed to a particular time of day. It is nostalgia for this sensual city of the past that defines Adil I. Ahmads life and work and is palpable in the pages of Tehzeeb.

In our History section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 240 pages, ISBN : 9788174369826

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