Saturday, 22 November 2014

Development' Destination' Policies

Growth or Development: Which Way is Gujarat Going? by Indira Hirway, Amita Shah And Ghanshyam Shah from Oxford University Press (India).

In this book, researchers from prominent academic institutes in Gujarat examine objectively the much talked about Gujarat model-the growth process in the state in the past decade or so. Apart from examining the validity of the theory and policy framework underlying the economic reforms in India, the book examines in depth the interpretation and implementation of this framework in Gujarat and studies the inclusiveness of the growth in terms of achieving development goals.

This book goes much beyond the state-level analysis. It studies the role of the Gujarat economy in the context of the national economy as well as in comparison with the performance of other states' economies. Further, it analyses the dynamics of growth in the state, that is, the sources and process of growth, sustainability of growth, and its interaction with development goals. The book also highlights the growing disconnect between economic growth and development goals in Gujarat.

Although there are some limitations of the neo-liberal policy framework in delivering inclusive growth, the focus of Gujarat on becoming the fastest growing state in the world and the most attractive destination for corporate investments has led the state government to make serious compromises with respect to development goals. In spite of being one of the fastest growing states, therefore, the state is lagging behind other fast-growing as well as slow-growing states in achieving inclusive growth.

In our Economics section, Rs. 1395, in hardback, 608 pages, ISBN :9780199451180

Destination India: From London Overland to India by Lloyd I. Rudolph And Susanne Hoeber Rudolph from Oxford University Press (India).

Destination India is an account of the travels of two eminent political scientists and, as such, a compelling account of India less than a decade after independence. In the summer of 1956, Lloyd I. Rudolph and Susannne Hoeber Rudolph drove a Land Rover from London to Jaipur, recording their impression of the people, the cultures, and the landscape. Their 5000 mile journey took them 'East of Suez', across the ecological and cultural lines distinguishing Europe from Asia, and then over the Khyber into the Indian subcontinent.

Part primary source, part analysis, the book also provides an account of what the Rudolphs subsequently learned over five decades of teaching and writing about India, including eleven research years in India. A concluding section, 'The Imperialism of Categories: Situating Knowledge in a Globalizing World', highlights how Western perceptions of India are often skewed. It makes the case for situated knowledge that recognizes the importance of context.

In our History section, Rs. 450, in paperback, 216 pages, ISBN :9780199450558

Financial and Fiscal Policies: Crises and New Realities by Y.V. Reddy, Narayan Valluri And Partha Ray from Oxford University Press (India).

What started as subprime mortgage crisis in the US in 2007 snowballed into global recession soon after. Still running its course, it has transformed itself into an economic crisis, if not a socio-political one.

This book looks at the impact of the global crisis on fiscal positions, and fiscal implications of the measures undertaken to deal with the situation. The authors explore cross-country experiences with special focus on the euro area economies and India. Analysing the issues relating to the interaction between monetary, fiscal, and financial policies, with emphasis on public debt management, sovereign debt restructuring, taxation, and regulation of the financial sector and sub-national finance, they present the emerging challenges.

Recognizing the inter-linkages between monetary, financial, and fiscal policies against the backof the global crisis, this book offers an understanding of possible institutional arrangements for the future.

In our Economics section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 348 pages, ISBN :9780199452651

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