Saturday, 11 October 2014


Arbitration in Practice by R. S. Poonia from Regal Publications.

This book evades cryptic language and makes the matter readable even for a lay man. It is intended to empower executives and contractor who never had any exposure to legal matters concerning contracts and are forced by circumstances to arbitration. 

The book will help both executives and contractors to avoid kind of mistakes or activities which will give rise to disputes while dealing with contracts.

In our Law section, Rs. 1050, in hardback, xiv+248 pages, ISBN : 9788184843262

Human Rights Today: Towards a Humanized Society by P. Jegadish Gandhi And Foreword by M. J. Joseph from Regal Publications.

Human Rights violations in all forms are a negation of life. Human Rights and human respect should be restored, irrespective of social differences, to humanize rights with sharing prosperity. Enlargement of basic needs baskets and empowerment through education alone would usher in a humanized society.

Formation of Rights clubs at different levels will go a long way to create a new social order. This book, Humanizing Human Rights Today: Issues and Options is based on two seminars1 debates and discussions how basically to treat humans as human.

In our Law section, Rs. 750, in hardback, xxv+156 pages, ISBN : 9788184843576

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