Friday, 31 October 2014

Books 3

Global Jihad and America: The Hundred-Year War Beyond Iraq and Afghanistan by Taj Hashmi from Sage India.

Global Jihad and America questions the assumption if Islamist terrorism, or “Global Jihad,” poses the biggest threat to modern civilization in the East and West. It explores if Islamic and Western civilizations, being “incompatible” to each other, are destined to be at loggerheads. Consequently, the book argues that state-sponsored terrorism and proxy wars—not terrorist acts by “non-state actors”—will pose the biggest security threat to the world.

This study does not suggest that the world has already reached the cul-de-sac of its destiny with no point of return. Both America and the Muslim World can play important roles to avert the catastrophe. Meanwhile, the gap between the needy and the rich and powerful is widening. Throughout history, sections of the rich and powerful have manipulated wars in the name of peace and justice, religion and freedom. So the big question now is: with America and its allies waging a “war on terror and extremism” and their Muslim adversaries defending honor and religion, is a disaster looming?

In our Politics section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 344 pages, ISBN :9788132113782

Intellectual Property and Business: The Power of Intangible Assets by Rodney D Ryder And Ashwin Madhavan from Sage India.

Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most vital assets for any business organization. It is a domain not restricted to lawyers alone; it is a crucial area of concern for business organizations, managers, and corporate leaders. Intellectual Property and Business demonstrates how companies can deploy their IP not just as legal instruments but also as dominant and powerful financial assets, and as useful arsenal that can boost their business.

The book aims to provide a basic understanding of various forms of IP that business organizations need to protect, and to analyze and understand IP management and strategy through case studies. It highlights these aspects of IP management through the lens of both a lawyer and a business manager.

In our Management Studies section, Rs. 595, in paperback, 320 pages, ISBN :9788132117919

Cinematically Speaking: The Orality-Literacy Paradigm for Visual Narrative by Sheila J. Nayar from Sage India.

Most people think of film narrative in fundamentally visual terms. But what if visuality is only one component of a larger epistemic framework for how film narrative “works”? In this book, Sheila J. Nayar argues just that, laying out the comprehensive terrain for what has already been described as a “controversial new theory of cinematic literacy.”

Proposing that orality and alphabetic literacy play a fundamental role in shaping visual storytelling, Nayar challenges the way we think about how film stories get shaped, as well as the notion of film as an autonomous mode of storytelling construction. Narrative and aesthetic principles of film, she demonstrates, are significantly impacted by ways of knowing that have—or, in some cases, that have not—emerged as a consequence of a cultural investment in reading, writing, and print.

Between close readings of Bollywood cinema and modernist art cinema in 1950s–1990s, as well as of the many cinemas in between—including Indian middle cinema and middle-class cinema—Cinematically Speaking casts a pioneering lens on what goes into shaping screen stories worldwide. It is a theoretical work certain to alter our understanding and future exploration of the narrative-film species.

In our Film Studies section, Rs. 795, in hardback, 268 pages, ISBN :9788132117902

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