Thursday, 7 August 2014

Remembered Thoughts

Remembered Thoughts: A Journey over Forty-Five Years of Academics by Dr. Gopal K Kadekodi from Serials Publications.

A collection of 33 articles and short pieces previously published in newspapers, magazines and periodicals along with several unpublished keynote and inaugural addresses delivered by the author are put together in a thematic form in this book.
The chosen themes are:

All about ecology and environment
On resource management
Can the budgets deliver?
Acting for development

Delivering good governance The author provides several critical comments and views on the economic, social, ecological and environmental matters, situations and policy prescriptions set out from time to time. Comments on the budgets reflecting on their focus, missings and drives are highlighted. Remembering lead activities like Anna Hazare, or P R Mishra adds lots of good memories about their missions for the young and next generation of readers.

Some of the major economic and social issues addressed by the author are: need for raising savings rates in the country; need for natural resource valuation and accounting; scope for enhancing governance regulations and procedures; natural resource conservation strategies; energy management; and social planning.

Though the articles are drawn from the author’s writings over the last 45 years, they stand out as pieces of thoughts valid even today. Hence the title of the book: Remembered Thoughts The book is forwarded by Shri Jairam Ramesh, former Minister for Environment and Forests, and also Rural Development.

In our Ecology and Environment section, Rs. 280, in hardback, 320 pages, ISBN: 0978183876803

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