Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Books

India's Doctrine Puzzle, (1/e): Limiting War in South Asia by Ali Ahmed from Routledge India.

The book examines the impetus behind India’s conventional military doctrines in the light of nuclearisation. Through a multi-level and multidimensional approach, it seeks to understand the reason behind India going for a proactive offensive doctrine. The Indian war doctrine is examined at the regional, national and organizational analytical levels.

In our Strategic Affairs section, Rs. 695, in hardback, 260 pages, ISBN: 9781138019706

Muslim Political Discourse in Postcolonial India, (1/e): Monuments, Memory, Contestation by Hilal Ahmed from Routledge India.

This book examines the postcolonial Muslim political discourse through monuments. It establishes a link between the process by which historic buildings become monuments and the gradual transformation of these historic/legal entities into political objects. The author studies the multiple interpretations of Indo-Islamic historical buildings as ‘political sites’ as well as emerging Muslim religiosities and the internal configurations of Muslim politics in India. He also looks at the modes by which a memory of a royal Muslim past is articulated for political mobilisation.

Raising some critical questions such as whether Muslim responses to political questions are homogenous, the book will greatly interest researchers and students of political science, modern Indian history, sociology, as well as the general reader interested in contemporary India.

In our Politics section, Rs. 795, in hardback, 312 pages, ISBN: 9781138020160

Constructing Indian Christianities, (1/e): Conversion, Culture, and Caste by Chad M. Bauman And Richard Fox Young from Routledge India.

This volume offers insights into the current ‘public-square’ debates on Indian Christianity. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork as well as rigorous analyses, it discusses the myriad histories of Christianity in India, its everyday practice and contestations and the process of its indigenisation. It addresses complex and pertinent themes such as Dalit Indian Christianity, diasporic nationalism and conversion. The work will interest scholars and researchers of religious studies, Dalit and subaltern studies, modern Indian history, and politics.

In our Religion section, Rs. 695, in hardback, 288 pages, ISBN: 9781138020184

India in the Contemporary World, (1/e): Polity, Economy and International Relations by Jakub Zajaczkowki, Jivanta Schottli And Manish Thapa from Routledge India.

This book brings together Indian and European perspectives on India’s polity, economy and international strategy. It explores internal, regional and global determinants shaping India’s status, position and goals in the early 21st century. Through an array of methodological and theoretical approaches, it presents debates on democracy, economic development, foreign and security policy, and the course of India–European Union relations. The volume will prove invaluable to scholars and students of international relations, politics, economics, history, and development studies, as well as policy makers and economists.

In our Strategic Affairs section, Rs. 995, in hardback, 544 pages, ISBN: 9780415812139

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