Saturday, 31 May 2014


Ecoliterature: Principles and Applications by S Kumaran from Authorspress.

Ecocriticism does not glorify nature and its objects, rather it brings out the interrelationship that underpins the universe. It also indicates how human beings are linked to the life of nature, which includes all the members of ecosphere such as soils, rocks, trees, rivers, animals, etc. 

Moreover, it advocates appropriate ways of living that help humans to formulate an ethical system that guards them against the misuse of available natural resources. Most of the problems faced by humans are the result of their self-indulgence and avarice and these can be rectified only through proper understanding of human life. Ecocriticism tries to educate humans of the sacred bond between humans and earth.

In our Natural History section, Rs. 650, in hardback, 160 pages, ISBN: 9788172738167

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