Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Boiled Beans on Toast

Boiled Beans on Toast: A Play by Girish Karnad from Oxford University Press (India).

A lonely housewife regains her lost singing voice in a hospice; for a small-town job-seeker the concrete jungle rolling over the shrinking greenery holds promise of untold prospects; for the conservative old lady from the country the race course opens up visions of power; a village woman with an ambiguous past struggles to find a foothold amidst the urban chaos. Girish Karnad's play is vibrant with moments of lyricism, cruelty, and laughter, as it deals with a host of characters, jostling together, clashing, getting entangled, or preying upon each other, in the city of 'Bangalore'.

In our Literature section, Rs. 195, in paperback, 96 pages, ISBN: 9780198098607

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