Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Ambedkar: Awakening Indias Social Conscience by Narendra Jadhav from Konark Publishers.

While India went through a lot of struggle in the early and mid-20th century, fighting for independence, there were also many internal calamities and chaos that needed much attention. Some of the greatest minds took initiative to restore basic human rights among all sects of Indian society, irrespective of any materialistic differences like economic, caste, religion or financial.

Ambedkar was intellectual, a visionary leader, dreamer and above all, a great human being. He is the Father of Indian Constitution. This book concentrates on Ambedkar’s true spirit, intellectual and thought process evolution and how he grew from strength to strength as a public figure at different points in time. His work towards the upbringing of the downtrodden and the oppressed will be remembered for all the times to come.

In our Biography section, Rs. 595, in hardback, 647 pages, ISBN : 9789322008369

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