Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Unreal Elections

Unreal Elections by C. S. Krishna And Karthik Laxman from Penguin Books India.

How would you like it if the political situations are linked to some movies, songs or artists? If you are a little overwhelmed with the monotony of serious political debates, panel discussions and the screaming and the shouting on national television, here is a book that would offer you a sweet escape. How would you like Narendra Modi’s favourite movie to be augured as The Lion King?

How Sonia restructures her cabinet time and again with Britney Spears’ songs inspiring her to do it? Why isn’t Arvind Kejriwal parting from his shawl even in the burning hot days of summer in Delhi? Is there anything at all that can get our P. M. Manmohan Singh annoyed or irritated or outraged? The book ponders upon these questions with a provocative, humourous perspective.

In our Politics section, Rs. 250, in paperback, 240 pages, ISBN : 9780143423119

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